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  • There are four types of sources of indoor noise: traffic noise, some buildings facing the street, and extremely heavy damage; secondly, the noise of urban construction and the noise of the construction site are generally above 90 dB, up to 130 dB; Third, social life and public places noise. Finally, household appliances directly cause indoor noise pollution. For exterior raised panel plywood Greece indoor noise, nothing more than to solve the sealing problem, and since it must be sealed from many aspects, while sealing should also pay attention to ventilation. It should be said that to the interior noise should be a systematic project, the choice of doors and windows is only one part.

    The best way to deal with the noise is to seal the window, whether single-window or double-window, the seal is the most important. The carrying capacity of the barrel is determined by the shortest piece of wood, while the sound insulation is determined by the weakest link. From the white picket fence flower pot current technical level, the use of plastic windows as a means of sealing is the most effective decoration program. For those who have adopted aluminum alloy, should ensure that the aluminum frame seal intact. Relatively speaking, the sealing of aluminum alloy window worse than the plastic window. 2. Sound insulation is not sealed on the line, have to look at the sealing performance. The use of insulating glass in plastic windows is a very effective solution because the noise is often the tweeter, and the treble is transmitted in a straight line.

    Most of the glass how construct a outdoor floor Cambridge is used for reflection, while the insulating glass can be used to eliminate the non-reflective part. . It is also a simpler way to consume part of the sound energy by using thick curtains, but this is not a very effective solution. 3. For bass and bass vibrations, carpet or sound-absorbing cotton can be used to reduce their impact on the interior. In the foot pad can also reduce the vibration of a certain sense of vibration, while the mattress mattress mattress is also better than using spring Simmons. 4. Some wall treatment methods can be used to achieve the sound insulation effect, for example, some houses are made of lightweight brick wall, the sealing material of these poor, if the road noise impact is very large, you can wall by the pool liner plastic trim road To do a light steel plus gypsum board, internal sound-absorbing cotton sandwich, to a large extent, to solve the problem of sound insulation.

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