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  • Finishing up: putty polished finish, there will be some flaws (pits), under normal circumstances is difficult to see, only after brushing paint will be very obvious, this time you need to make up, pay attention to removable fencing uk make up must be polished smooth, and then Brush with a little more water primer again, so as not to brush the paint because of the amount of water with the other walls have a different color. Topcoat: Do not add excessive water, will affect the film thickness, feel and hardness of the paint film, try to choose a little better tool

    the drum hair is not too short, but must be fine, so brush out the paint will feel Delicate, brushing the main attention to the corner, the middle part of each roll and receive paint direction, corner treatment, in most cases 1x4 wood to use as coping to hold pool liner in place brush with a brush or plate brush, it will easily lead to corner texture and the whole surface is inconsistent, there will be visually Differences, if conditions can buy a closing edge of the drum, the corners with a brush after the board and then close the drum with the edge, pay attention to the edge of the drum material to brush the same roller and large face, brush face each time

    Rolling stubble place the paint must be uniform, not too thick can not be too thin, or because of uneven thickness caused by reflective inconsistencies, when the paint every roll on the wall will have a closing paint action, which will require each roll The direction of the paint received should be the same, otherwise it will result in each pvc plank ceilings manufacture rolling out of the texture inconsistent, reflective angle will be different, there will be a visual difference. (Suggestion: Buy a tray before painting, it will be sold in the shop. With the tray, you can guarantee that every brush is applied. The paint on the roller is as much as possible, so the brush will be even.) Conservation: latex paint after brushing 4 hours will be dry, but the dry film has not reached a certain hardness, which should images of a fence on a timber retaining wall be care, it is very simple, 7 days without scrubbing or any contact with the wall that is can.

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