Interior decoration noise problem
  • how to solve Now the problem of noise insulation for interior decoration has become a very important thing, but the sound insulation problem is not a pure laminate layout at outside entrant decoration problem, it also involves the acoustic problem. To solve the problem of sound insulation, we must distinguish between what kind of noise caused, and thus take a different approach to solve.

    There are three main sources of urban noise, one is construction noise, the noise is phased. The other is traffic noise, which has a long lasting effect. The third type of noise is noise in our lives, such as noise in Window Flower Box Frame Sri Lankan 2017 entertainment venues, playing mahjong, music and television. Among these kinds of noises, the hardest part is the car noise, the noise of the car, and the problem of living noise is solved theoretically at the same time.

    The size of traffic noise is affected by the following factors: 1, the higher the traffic flow of the adjacent highway, the greater the noise. Certainly on the main road than in the municipal road noise much. the higher the speed of the nearby highway, the greater the noise. 3, the higher the proportion of heavy vehicles, the greater the noise, such as vinyl decking in puerto rico container trucks (container vehicles). the lower the quality of road pavement, the greater the noise. The same quality of the road, the deceleration zone will be noisy than no deceleration zone the same distance from the road, the higher the average residential floor, the greater the noise. (There is no cap at this moment, and we do not rule out the possibility of weakening to a certain height, but this is true for the 32-story floor nowadays.) The belief that living highs are far from noise is wrong. a road noise barrier, light barrier than no noise. Building DIY Outdoor Floor - Seven Trustblocks have less impact than none.

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