soundproof material
  • The original wall to enhance sound insulation, the existing number of buildings, especially some old buildings, due to the thin walls, the use of hollow bricks for the maintenance of materials and other hollow core concrete planks houston tx reasons, making the wall noise performance can not meet the requirements of users, resulting in being neighbors Problems that affect or affect the neighbors will seriously cause a lack of security, so sound insulation needs to be strengthened. Common practice is to put the keel on the original wall, and then filled with sound-absorbing cotton, the outer sealing plate. New noise insulation wall, common in large space, light steel partition wall, but also the most commonly used in our building a wall.

    The usual practice is to do a good job in the separation of the keel skeleton, the firstmain features of wpc wood seal on the board, and then fill the middle of the keel gradient acoustic wool, and then seal the other side of the board. In practice, by changing the material of the outer sealing plate, the balance between sound absorption and sound insulation can be obtained. Ceiling sound insulation, ceiling noise is the most common in our practice a sound insulation structure, due to the original floor insulation is not enough, the noise generated by the upstairs neighbor will give us trouble, to solve this problem, usually need to top Face to do the noise processing, the basic approach is marked on the top keel, keel filled with gradient sound-absorbing cotton, outer sealing plate, the outer sealing plate affixed to the back of the highWear Resistant Wood noise insulation felt.

    This structure can completely solve the upstairs noise problems, in practice is very effective, the ground noise handling, ground noise for the body space more sound is necessary, the main purpose is to prevent the sound generated by the impact of downstairs neighbors, The usual practice is to fill the middle of the floor keel gradient sound-absorbing cotton, to achieve better results can be thick gradient sound-absorbing wpc surface pigments safety cotton thickness, you can also use the cushioning material under the floor

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