traditional economy such
  • province is expanding the traditional economy such as red jujube, walnut forest while, hold to " undershrub big industry " train of thought, the characteristic economy such as [url=]composite exterior wood patio[/url] positive development sanded thorn, Forsythia suspensa forest, at present gross area already achieved many mus 1800, production value achieves many yuan 150. In the meantime, accumulative total finishs 3.285 million mus of dried fruit economic forest

    carries qualitative synergism, [url=]making wooden fence panels[/url] come true mu all increase production 30% above; Build nursery twenty-one thousand six hundred place, gross area 1.11 million mus, flowers estate sale is average and annual 1.46 billion yuan. 2017, amount of tourist of travel of complete province forest exceeds 18 million person-time, gross income 12.3 billion multivariate. "I save forestry not only current [url=]8 ft pvc fence planks[/url] development momentum is powerful, and

    tremendous forestry potential remains to develop. " relevant controller introduces hall of Shanxi province forestry, my province will create more zoology product this year, [url=]recycled plastic composite building panels[/url] promote forestry estate the quality benefit of development. Annual will finish 2 million mus of dried fruit economic forest carries qualitative synergism item, provincial grant every mus of 200 yuan allowance, fizzle out the edge of the walnut of 58

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