FIFA 18: Team of the Year cards are in packs all weekend until late Monday

  • Buy Coins For FIFA 18 TOTY - I've you've got the coins, or if you're desperate and want to spend real money, then right now is the time to buy FIFA 18 Ultimate Team packs.
    The full squad of 11 top class players are available from now until 6pm GMT on Monday, January 22.
    You still don't have a great chance of getting one of the fabled blue cards, but if you do, the lowest rated one in the team is 93 overall, so you'll certainly be in the money.
    This year, EA Sports had just 60% of the say on who would make it into the TOTY squad.
    The remaining 40% went to select members of the community, although many of them enlisted the help of the public to make their picks.
    No matter who you get, it's probably going to be an upgrade for your team. Or, you'll be able to sell them for hundreds of thousands of coins, or millions if you get a top player.
    Dani Alves is the lowest rated player in the team at 93 overall, and he's going for about 450,000 coins. But Cristiano Ronaldo is currently going for well over 4 million.
    The game's cover star now has the best card in the game, and at 99 overall, he can't really get much better.
    He's got 98 pace, 99 shooting, 98 dribbling, 94 passing, and 95 physical. But, did he truly deserve to get in the top 11 players of last year?
    The other forwards in the team are Lionel Messi and Harry Kane, two players who have scored bags of goals in the last 12 months.
    The midfield is made up of Luka Modric, Kevin De Bruyne, and N'golo Kante.
    In defense, you have Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Leonardo Bonucci, and Dani Alves, while in goal, you have Manchester United's David De Gea.

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