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  • can be in 100 thousand yuan of the following amerce; Can be in 100 thousand yuan of the following amerce;; According to above regulation, and [url=]composite fence sheets section[/url] environmental protection ministry " punishment of normative environment administration cuts a quantity into parts to counterpoise freely a certain number of opinions " (2009 〕 of annulus hair 〔 24) concerned spirit, my bureau decides: (one)

    instruct your factory [url=]low maintenance flooring for backyard patio[/url] to halt production; (2) to you the factory is in with one 10 thousand eight yuan (18 thousand) amerce. 3, administration punishs perform means and time (one) perform means and time about instructing those who halt production. Your factory
    ought to stand up to stop [url=]tongue and groove vinyl decking[/url] to build pattern plate to machine the production of the project namely at receiving the day that decides a

    book originally. (2) about amerce perform means and time. Basis " administration of People's Republic of China sanctions a method " wait for concerned regulation, [url=]verands regency composite railings dimensions[/url] your factory ought to be in since the day that receives this decision book inside 15 days, amerce capture reachs expensive harbor city treasury of the area austral harbor (door renown: Bureau of Finance of the area austral harbor

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