solvent degreasing
  • Some specific methods of pretreatment are as solvent degreasing. Less serious oil can be soaked in solvent for a short time; serious oil stains should be rubbed with cotton yarn dipped in solvent or brushed with a bristle brush. Operation should pay attention to safety, use the remaining solvent to be properly preserved. dry. No matter what kind of Wood Plastic Composite Suppliers Ireland organic solvent cleaning method, drying process must not be omitted, otherwise it will lose the meaning of cleaning. Binding material should use aluminum wire, disable the copper wire and galvanized wire, wire can be used to get rid of zinc.

    Slightly larger single-piece banding to consider the binding position, and as far as possible close to the edge of the hole in the parts to reduce the impact on the workpiece surface. Different types of parts should not be tied together with a string of different components (grades) of aluminum oxidation treatment time is somewhat Composite Panel Gate Pictures different. Pay attention to the binding direction of the workpiece when vacant, to avoid concave parts due to down and produce nest gas.

    Alkali wash to the surface of the oil in addition to the net so far. caustic wash circulating water rinse. Rinsing after caustic washing is best rinse with hot water, so that it is conducive to washing the surface of the alkaline substances on the workpiece. There are blind holes, slits of the workpiece to be strengthened on the part of the rinse, and rejection of which the residual solution, and immediately nitric acid out of light, so as not to be subject to oxidation.nitric acid out of light If the treatment of miscellaneous aluminum, cast aluminum should also be based on the formula to add 50mL / L hydrofluoric acid to for sale wood plastic decking boards slow down to remove alkaline cleaning adhesion to the surface of the aluminum insoluble.

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