Nature home Ju Rong is obtained " big country of Chinese household industry craftsman award "

  • As people living standard rise ceaselessly, the popularity rate of domestic outfit floor is higher and higher also, arrive from aggrandizement compound, arrive again real wood, different product has different property, each have an advantage. Floor of wood of new reality of annatto Fang science and technology avoids the flaw with real inherent wood effectively with its special structure, the advantage such as extraordinary stability makes property the first selection product of consumer. The solid Mu Fu that differs however joins a floor board between because of the lumber sort, craft that make different, also meet on function somewhat difference.

    Strict quality accuse

    Base material is the main component of wooden floor, it is the core factor that affects wooden floor performance, base material decided the quality of the floor directly. Annatto Fang concentration is high grade base material, of ground initiate can the floor of bath lets industry shake for it again, make trade inside bestow favor on newly, annatto Fang floor has manufacturing plant oneself, provide the most advanced production facilities inside the industry and strict quality hierarchy of control, manufacturing group has rich experience of ten years, powerful group is configured, strict quality accuse, the percent of pass that ensures each floor leaves factory.

    Feed grade soja glue

    How to perhaps near formaldehyde control as far as possible inside the standard " 0 formaldehyde " condition is the effort with diligent group of annatto Fang scientific research all the time direction, place of annatto Fang floor is used pure natural soja is able to bear or endure water glue solved formaldehyde problem already successfully, according to detecting, formaldehyde of floor of wood of new reality of science and technology releases a quantity all under F4 star class, banner state level, amount to world advanced level, assured the health that uses in environment of the heat of the earth's interior and environmental protection.

    Hand in hand Mr. Wang Jun

    Household of Suzhou annatto Fang invited Jilin formally to save assistant dean of forestry science academy Mr. Wang Jun to be the technical adviser of the company on January 17, the rich experience that Mr. Wang Jun accumulates in course of study of one's own profession and professional knowledge are sure to make annatto Fang is lived in be developed in prospective floor and benefit a lot in business development.

    Successful only then at public praise, the service decides future

    Become the end of the enterprise, not be the eye is staring at adversary how powerful, however the eye is staring at client demand to create value. The enterprise pays attention to client interest, clients just can support an industry together, bilateral coadjutant mutual benefit, cooperate continuously and develop. The brand shop of annatto Fang spreads all over countrywide each district, each brand shop passes elaborate design, let a client have easy consumptive environment, each agency groom through professional service, let the safeguard after the client has the carry out that does not have care.

    Mention the outward appearance by the service by character

    Annatto Fang floor is you not 2 choices!

    Warmth of holy Pu Lisi hints: Chuxue is admittedly beautiful, heat preservation needs to strengthen!

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