wood plastic products
  • journey. In the early morning, colleagues quickly put themselves into intense work with full energy. Has now begun to accept all new orders WPC, if necessary friends can come
    The works of railings in South Korea's works are not done much, the style is relatively simple, wpc timber handrail singapore slingbut also from the case of this price can also be found, railings are also not very high, mostly short, there is another is to do Is some of the enclosures fence also put together, and my company's railings a variety of optional, but

    also their own design, there is a need to provide drawings or the required style, design
    Shanghai South Park Park People used to say South Park, April 1957, City Garden Management Office to build parks, leakproof deck floorsthe same year on October 15 opening in the park there are my company to do plastic wood flooring project case, a platform for the river, There are also shop on the bridge deck, and some are shop on the stairs, the streets of the plastic garbage bin for the entire project a lot of color, after the completion of the overall

    look very harmonious and beautiful.
    Now more and more scenic use of plastic wood, like the stairs in the mountain, there are railings, a platform, in Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Mau Shan Park is my company's plastic wood fence, here to install plastic wood railings Is more appropriate, because the heavier moisture in the mountains, the wood can not withstand the general rot will occur, the other point is more insects in the mountains, wood railings easily insects eroded,how to say woods in japanese bringing security risks
    In Zhejiang, our company has a lot of

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