oxide film
  • Aluminum alloy and aluminum oxide film forming process requirements (1) oxidation. Solution formulation and working conditions: After pre-treatment should be immediately transferred to the oxidation process, to prevent the work piece in the atmosphere for too long and produce a natural oxide film and affect the quality of the oxide layer. Again immersed in water, although evolve plastic flooring better than exposed to the atmosphere, but it should not be soaked for too long, if soaked in 3% dilute nitric acid generally soak l5 ~ 30min still continue oxidation, but if the time is too long on the film Generated will have an impact, especially with the old impurities such as copper nitrate.

    The temperature of the solution during oxidation is a crucial process condition. When the temperature of the solution is too high, the film formation speed is low, and the oxide film tends to be pulverized. When the solution temperature is too low and the film formation solar reflective index of timber deckspeed is slow, Poor adhesion. In the same type of aluminum to obtain the surface of the same color, the same solution temperature should be the same time. In a certain range of temperature and time is inversely proportional to the solution temperature is higher, the shorter the time required, whereas the longer the time required. The higher the purity of the aluminum, the longer the oxidation treatment is required.

    Oxidation time is insufficient, the generated oxide film is too shallow; aluminum purity is low, the oxidation time is shortened, or the oxide film is old, and even affect the conductivity of the film. In order to obtain a uniform oxide film color, small pieces of oxidation can be more shaking in the solution, large pieces can take a stirring solution or static treatment (do not stir the solution, do not shake the workpiece), to prevent the edge parts of the workpiece and the solution than environment friendly decks wooden choose the exchange rate The central part of the workpiece and more uneven oxide film color. (2) circulating water rinse.

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