oxide film
  • For blind holes, slits of the workpiece to strengthen the washing of these parts, and rejection of the net inside the residual solution to prevent the oxidation solution out of the oxidation of the surface environment friendly decks wooden choose damage. self-test. After the workpiece is washed by the circulating water that is self-test quality, if found defective can be removed in the lye, after light oxidation again. If the dry and then removed, rework, it is more difficult to get rid of, and easier to damage the substrate. (4) dry.

    Drying is the key to maintaining quality. Oxidation pieces must be freed of free water on the surface of the workpiece olympic patio deck coatings prior to drying and then exposed to the sun. Can also be baked at 45 ~ 50 ℃ drying conditions, the temperature can not be too high, so as not to scorch, aging, there cracks, the appearance of the color appears old. Aluminum and aluminum large area of ​​the chlorinated (1) the overall treatment. According to the oxidation of the outer dimensions (appropriate to relax the margin), with wood or bricks surrounded by a box, the box covered with plastic sheeting to form a concave pool, the height of the plate if the deal, there are 100MM So you can work as long as the workpiece in this pool, the next shaking, you can make the surface oxide film.

    Sub-site processing. Disposal of crop cesium pieces in the tank (pool) successively in different parts of the rapid change or turn in turn, and finally make the entire surface of the workpiece and the solution repeatedly contact and gradually formed and thicker oxide film operation. By using the above two methods, a large plating tank can be dispensed with, a large amount of solution can be prepared, the waste caused outdoor bar top wpc deck board by long-term uselessness can be reduced, and the production area in the workshop can also be saved.

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