Make a decision to go for 30 crit rate
  • Following 90 points you'll be able to make a decision to go for 30 crit rate or 30 Atk. It depends, you get 30 crit rate for 3% crit rate, but in case you have around 17-18 % currently, I suggest getting 30 ATK 1st, even straight 60. I'm not at this stage on the mu legend zen game, but later with mystic gear and much more defense, the better celebration you might decide to drop the 30 points in health. And go for 60 cdr/60atk or one thing like this.

    Some other recommendations - when you hit Level 65 do these every day missions on 5 - Fabrice, Mine, Luery, Rifts, standard mythic dungeon. When you have adequate mats from disenchanting items at reducing levels, you'll be able to identify only green items at 65 (never ever determine larger grade items that want magic gems to determine, disenchant those). Sell those green items.

    You are going to need the zen to purchase ancient items in the auction, also preparing the item for gems want zen as well. Crafting the crit price and cdr stones. The soul fragments needed to craft the crit rate and cdr stones is usually earned from the cheap mu legend zen cubes you get from the boss in the dungeons (it really is listed in which dungeon it drops).BY here thanks, well done, more mu legend zen from us!

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