developing aluminum
  • Already mature and developing aluminum and its alloys anodizing many processes, according to the actual production needs, select the appropriate process. After the aluminum and the aluminum alloy are treated by the conductive oxidation process, the obtained oxide film still has excellent electrical conductivity, which is a peculiar property of the film, and the protective and decorative properties of the film are also good.

    The film color ratio of the pure aluminum surface Zinc layer iridescent passivation film is more elegant, with a lighter and uniform fine-grain color, is a promising application and promotion of the value of the process.

    Aluminum and aluminum alloy conductive oxide process is simple, without special equipment, in recent years, the conductive oxide film is easy to adsorb organic coatings, combined with a good understanding of further improvement, which is used as coating (electrophoresis, painting) substrate application Have also been gradually expanded.

    The details of the pretreatment process need to pay attention to Aluminum materials in the air is very unstable, easy to generate with the naked eye is also difficult to identify the oxide film. As the different processing methods of aluminum parts, such as casting molding, or by the direct shear sheet is cut, or machining precision molding, or by different processes and after heat treatment or welding, the workpiece surface will be presented Different states, different levels of dirt or traces, for which the pre-treatment process must be based on the actual situation of the workpiece surface to choose the pre-treatment process.

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