production of wood plastic
  • masterbatch, lubrication, etc.) are added to the color system can a bit more. If I visited the world's second largest WPC plant, the original only 4 kinds of colors, co-extruded WPC flooring out of 8 colors, as long as the co-extrusion extruder hopper plus side feeder can be easily achieved. The direct cost of production did not increase,sheet vinyl floors waterproof but the initial need to invest in molds and co-extrusion special extruder. \\ u0026lt; BR \\ u0026gt; using a special extruder or screw stable quality. I saw several domestic WPC plant trial WPC

    co-extrusion products, found that the quality is not stable enough, uneven thickness, the skin is easy to fall off, the surface quality is lacking (internationally popular is Matt (Low-Gloss)), in addition to raw materials Of course, new materials, fine wood flour), additives and molds, the main reason is that the extruder, be sure to use a special extruder for WPC, at least with wood-plastic co-extrusion special screw. price average cost for deck installationCommonly used for extrusion molding wood-plastic extruder TC35 or TC55 conical twin-screw extruder, high back

    pressure, small shear, plastic mixing well. In addition, compared with ordinary wood-plastic extruder, due to the thin co-extruded layer, wood-plastic co-extrusion extruder for higher process requirements, temperature and pressure and output flow rate control more accurately, the core layer and Co-extruded surface of the welding and coating better. In addition, the screw design is also different, requiring a larger compression ratio, verandah in sri lankalarger contact surface, smaller shear, higher extrusion pressure. Although the start of the production

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