Large car furnace
  • The present situation, development trend and existing problems of the temperature control of the furnace are emphatically analyzed in this paper. Second for resistance furnace temperature system with multiple input multiple output, the characteristics of the large delay, strong coupling, by adopting the combination of predictive control and fuzzy control method, which is a simplified control field in long based on generalized predictive control (single value) generalized predictive control algorithm, the high-level compensate the closed-loop optimization fuzzy control unit as an auxiliary unit. The simulation results show that the algorithm has good tracking performance for multi-input and multi-output, pure hysteresis and strong coupling system, and also achieves satisfactory control effect in actual operation.

    According to the requirements of the heat treatment process of the platform, this system has completed the development of the temperature control system of the vehicle furnace based on the field bus technology, set detection, control and management functions. The whole system adopts the secondary computer control mode, and the basic automation level adopts Siemens PLC to realize the control of the operation of the platform and the sand seal, the door lift and the seal. The supervisory level is the industrial control machine produced by the Taiwan research institute, and the functions such as configuration, monitoring, alarm and tabulation of the system are completed. The system software is easy to operate, the picture is dynamic and intuitive, the control effect is good, it has the characteristics of high adaptability, high reliability and high stability.

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