Clean up the incense burner

  • Just take the incense burner away from the place arbitrarily put the incense ash down is committed a taboo thing, it will be the gods have been set aside to please go out. The company is located in:
    Clean up the incense burner is a rigorous matter, usually should be bathing and dressing. During the process of cleaning up, the attitude should be solemn and cautious, and the incense ash should be cleaned up with solemn respect. Hong ash cleaning process:
    1, it is best to choose the first day of the first lunar month, fifteen, or twelfth lunar month twenty-four for the cleaning of incense ash.
    2, the process of cleaning incense can not be broken.
    3, respectfully the incense burner please from God, placed in gold or yellow paper on top.
    4, pull out the incense, placed in gold or yellow paper next to the table (a more cautious way, you can prepare citrus, incense plug out on it). After using a clean spoon to remove the ash placed on the other yellow paper.
    5, the remaining ash in the furnace to be leveling compaction, and then the original pull out the incense, inserted back into the incense burner, incense placed back in place.
    6, the last will be more sachet wrapped preserved, or lost in any flow of water can flow.
    7, a fully burned incense feet can be treated with incense ash.
    8, Follow is to worship God, which requires the preparation of incense, fruit five, three cups of tea, wine three cups, etc., there are some best meat or vegetarian dishes, another set of gold and silver paper burning, to complete worship, which Is a successful merit,

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