close to stop production
  • insufficient, be close to stop production. Among them AP of an exit large family, stocks of log have enough to meet need is not worth a week, at any time likelihood shut [url=]building patio benches synthetic[/url] out. Suffer this log to supply an influence, short-term inside North America market level should continue to rise. Above is last weekend the grade of Lin Huofeng risk that Canadian SPF sawn timber exports main source BC to save forestry bureau to

    announce distributings graph, [url=]cheap plastic wood bench brackets[/url] orange is " Gao Wei " , red is " extremely danger " . "Extremely danger " the member that area mies wife needs at any time on call preparation withdraws. Look from this graph, at present the log of factory of exit of almost all SPF supplies area to already was entered " extremely danger " grade, cutting dead stop. Be in necessarily so short-term [url=]ground reinforcement decking[/url] inside cause log to break for, sawn

    timber price rises necessarily. Website of Chinese timber industry is small make up remind everybody here: Bring needless cost to rise to avoid case of the market price [url=]outdoor bars surface material[/url] after SPF of North America plank to go up greatly, ask lumber agency to shift to an earlier date reasonable stock up! One enterprise spends Suzhou lumber of 400 thousand entrance opens box to look make a person foolish eye Originally the container

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