wood floor, wicker fence
  • over the world, we think this is not only because of the goods themselves have excellent characteristics,building a slated bench chair with arm rests more importantly, the use of its resources and the environmental protection of the important implications of the resolution of. Wood and plastic flooring: In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games time, the Beijing Olympic Park is the acquisition of thousands of tons of plastic wood products, used in construction It is understood that the color of wood is to be able to adjust according to the formula The choice of mahogany color solemn

    atmosphere, set off the personality of China Pavilion. The most eye-catching 2010 World Expo in Shanghai is undoubtedly the China Pavilion. The ancient oriental crown, which looks like a classic hat,outside togue and groove composite boards has a positive red color. It corresponds to the large mahogany floor adjacent to the museum. These floors have the texture of wood, but also the texture of wood, but in fact these floors are not made of wood, but this new type of plastic wood called environmental information. Plastic wood information in the field of occupation It is

    understood that plastic wood is mainly used for outdoor landscape and hydrophilic landscape, the use of plastic wood is 3-10 times the normal wood. Plastic wood is the primary ingredient of plastic and natural fibers. Compared with the traditional wood, wood plastic biggest advantage is the great dedication to the environment, saving timber is conducive to maintaining the ecological environment, poly wood decking boards uk deliverydo not need paint to prevent environmental pollution, after the recovery can be recovered without secondary pollution. Plastic wood

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