imitation wood boards
  • the scene, you can choose hollow or solid, fully meet your requirements. On the Wupu floor installation is also very convenient, in my company's official website can download Wupu floor installation and maintenance methods, the installation process is very convenient, if after reading is not particularly understood, or the project is relatively large , I can send one or two master carpenter master to help guide the installation. fix decking on posts or slabsmithThe above talked about so much, I believe most of the customers are still more concerned about the price,

    such as Yongsheng WPC, the price of each floor are not the same light, the solid is certainly more expensive than the hollow, the price of more than 100 to 400 A flat range, in some places the flow of people is not particularly large, then try to use my company's main push of a 140 * 24, vinyl planking lanaithe price is more cost-effective 100 yuan / flat, the purchase of people are also many. On the above If you are interested in our company's wood-plastic products, then you can go to our website to buy the wood-plastic profiles you need. This

    article from Shaoxing Yongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. original release, for reprint, please indicate the source. See the difference between the network of ecological wood and plastic articles overwhelming, low fencing to keep dogs outdifferent opinions. As an eco-wood industry's old brand, leader, here to give you some interpretation. As a new type of environmental protection material, ecological wood has been in the Chinese market for more than seven years. It has many names: ecological wood, green wood, wood plastic, plastic wood, Great Wall

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