WPC flooring is getting bigger and bigger
  • flooring is more suitable for outdoor use, while the bamboo flooring is more suitable for indoor use. This content is published by Shaoxing Yongsheng . For reprint please specify In recent years, the demand for WPC flooring is getting bigger and bigger, especially in some large parks, which have basically been 'contracted' by the WPC flooring.under deck flooring diy In the current momentous development of WPC products, Its pace of development, not only in the quality and stability of the basic profile to do a lot of improvements, but also push new, in

    2015 introduced a new colorful wood, colorful plastic wood with color stability, beautiful appearance from the very beginning On the new and old customers like, become a major feature of the company. Speaking of Yongsheng card Wupu floor, its main feature is that there will be rotten,composite decking sales/discounts/closeouts anti-moth-eaten, especially for outdoor, Yongsheng company was founded in 2010, has been in the past six years earlier, the company recently done a number of cases, Recently visited to visit or as ever. Yongsheng WPC not only in quality

    excellence, the appearance is also very focused, from start to now, has introduced new colors, there are now eight-color optional, the new colorful floor is beyond the color Before the old version of plastic wood profiles, not only that, Yongsheng WPC surface treatment is also complicated and diverse, a plane drawing, small teeth, teeth pattern,hog wire deck railing instructions large teeth pattern, the middle hole also has a round hole, square hole, side Divided with grooves and no groove, the width of the board is also thick and thin, depending on your installation of

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