wood-plastic products Shadow
  • manufacturers, the key factors are the following: 1. Price, 2. Product quality, 3. Profile rich 4. Whether the product has a late improvement 5. Logistics and after sales. From the above points we can see that the choice of wood products for customers, the biggest factor is the price, so today we talk about the price of wood. There are a great number of wood-plastic profiles on the market. Although it is a new type of material, inground composite decking planters to build it has more than a dozen years since its development, but it can be said that so many provinces and cities

    all over the country can basically see the wood-plastic products Shadow, manufacturers, distributors are also all over, sheet vinyl flooring cheap but also the same wood-plastic profiles, the basic each manufacturer, even for each dealer's quotes are not the same, then affect the WPC offer what factors? , Is a direct impact on the quality of plastic wood raw materials issues. Different WPC manufacturers have different WPC qualities, and their prices are not the same. Although WPC products are processed with wood flour and plastic, a small

    proportion of them play a decisive role in WPC quality Good or bad, because this small part of the additive price is very expensive, such as anti-UV absorbers, lubricants, antioxidants,wood plastic renovation forum their addition or not from the appearance of the finished wood-plastic products can not see, but so After the installation after two quarters of alternating hot and cold and snow shower, poor quality, do not add the above additives will come out of the product serious cracking phenomenon. Second, the production varies from region to region,

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