beautiful wood plastic
  • YS140 �� 25S, YS150 �� 25S flower box board - flower box, tree pool, fence, trash: YS96 �� 11S, YS72 �� 11S, YS60 �� 16S Decorative plates - Exterior wall

    material, which is made by mixing wood flour, plastic and some chemical components. pressure treated tongue and groove porch boardsIt is a new type of environment-friendly wood-plastic composite material. Extruded wood-plastic material is more used to make Into the floor. At present, the occupation of the flooring market is mainly marble, ceramic tile, wood flooring, etc., of which the most popular is the wooden floor, by its outdoor, its natural wood material, beautiful and natural, giving a return to nature, The feeling, regardless of the texture has its own unique, but there is no

    source of pollution, and some wood aromatic tincture, issued a wholesome, soothing aroma. However, wooden flooring, though so many benefits, but in the end it has a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies, such as wind and rain prone to change moldy, easy to change in the expansion and contraction, made of wooden flooring need to go through long Craft,how to build a second floor with wood from cutting trees to make the floor, which spent more manpower and resources more complex, but after making the floor for the beautiful, many still have to brush a layer of

    paint. The most important thing is that it has greatly depleted the timber, deforested it in large quantities and destroyed the environment. In view of the above, this new material - wood was born. For consumers, WPC flooring is energy-saving and environment-friendly products, not only can well control the emission of harmful substances, but also to make the ground waterproof and moisture-proof effect. For designers,recycled plastic bench parts the new type of wood-plastic flooring materials, both the affinity of natural wood, and models, a variety of colors

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