Strong steel prices no longer, that good gold three silver four?
  • Spring is March, everything is recovering and spring is full of vitality. At this time, the earth is in full swing. This is a thriving season. However, at the same time, the steel market has been in turmoil and has not recovered yet. , Can not help but sigh, the reason, follow the author to look at:acero inoxidable 45 grados roscado codo pezón

    Overall, first of all, the main reason for the lack of upward momentum in prices lies in the lack of downstream demand. Despite the positive impact of capacity-building policies, the overall market is still oversupply. Now the total stock in North China is about 1.03 million tons, Compared with the same period inventory increased 468,000 tons, the overall stock market is too large, especially after the end of the two sessions, the majority of steel mills, terminal release inadequate;stainlesssteel manufacturer gujrat scrap

    Second, the recent green disk full of futures, affecting the confidence of the spot market, business pessimistic psychology, and different stocks, the larger inventory is more eager to ship the main part of the selling, lowering the overall mainstream market price, Steel prices continued dropping, so the market price to maintain weak shock operation. Recent market price shocks down, business expectations fall, in the long run, the market will exactly how?TISCO 304 2B surface stainless steel Metal sheet

    Infrastructure investment is still the key point: the National Development and Reform Commission has determined that the target for social investment for the whole year will be around 9%, lower than the growth target of 10.5% recorded last year, but supported in infrastructure and other fields. According to the report of the 2017 national plan for economic and social development, it is necessary to expand effective investment this year, intensify efforts in key areas and weaknesses, expand effective investment, and increase effective supply. This will inevitably drive the development of downstream industries and release downstream demand.201 Precio por kilo Barra plana de acero inoxidable de hierro 174

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