What do TP-LINK routers do not search for wireless WiFi signals?
  • “ what do you do without searching the new TP-LINK S9706 Switch S9700 Terabit Switches For Data Centers And Large Scale Enterprise Campus Networks's wireless WiFi signal? When using a mobile phone to search the new TP-LINK router wireless WiFi signal, it is found that the search is not available. What is the problem? How to solve this situation again? ”

    recently Xiaobian see friends have a lot of friends encounter this problem, search to WiFi signal wireless router, the reason for this is that there are many possible, so small in here to summarize several reasons, the most common are as follows;

    reason, hidden wireless signal

    if everyone in the new version of the TP-LINK router settings, set up a hidden wireless WiFi signal function, then all of the mobile phone, notebook computer wireless networking client, are not search the WiFi wireless router signal.

    solution: 1, the computer network is connected to the LAN interface of the new version of tplink router, then input tplogin.cn&mdash, &mdash, &gt, input &ldquo, administrator password &rdquo, login to the management page in the computer browser.

    note: if you enter tplogin.cn in browser, you can't open the login interface. Please click the reference: > > how can the wireless router fail to log on to

    2, a new version of the TP-LINK log into the router management page, and then click “ routing settings ” — — > “ wireless — — ” > to check the “ open radio ” this option, as shown below.

    if you don't check this option in your TP-LINK router, please check it, then click on the &ldquo below; save the ” button.

    two, closed the wireless function

    if your wireless router in the new version of TP-LINK is not enabled, or Huawei Ip Microwave Radio Equipment Optix Rtn 950 function is closed, all the mobile phone, laptop and other wireless networking client, is certainly not search the TP-LINK WiFi wireless signal routing device.

    solution: successful login to the new version of the TP-LINK router management page, click “ routing settings ” — — > “ wireless — — ” > “ wireless ” behind, ensure that the choice of open, as shown below.

    three wireless WiFi, set the name is Chinese

    is currently part of mobile phone, notebook computer wireless network does not support Chinese name, so that if you set a Chinese wireless router name, it is likely there will be the case.

    solution: if your new tplink router's wireless WiFi name is set up in Chinese characters, please login to the management page, &ldquo, the wireless name &rdquo, set it with letters or numbers, as shown below.

    reason four, mobile phone / laptop does not support 5G network

    . Now there are some mobile phones such as mobile phones and laptop computers, which do not support 5G wireless signals. So if your mobile phone or laptop wants to connect to 5G wireless signal, but you can't find it, it's probably because the mobile phone or laptop doesn't support it.

    if it is the device itself does not support the 5G wireless network, then only use the 2.4G wireless network, give up the 5G wireless network.

    reason five, other wireless interference

    . If there are many other wireless routers or electromagnetic devices near your home, it will cause some impact on wireless router.

    solutions: (1), please ensure that your tplink router is near, no microwave ovens, refrigerators and other equipment.

    (2), can try to modify the wireless channel, 2.4G wireless wireless network, can choose 1, 6, 11 of the 3 channels to choose one, as shown in the following figure.

    reason six, wireless router problem

    if check the appeal five aspects, or all laptop computers, mobile phones, can not search the TP-LINK wireless signal. Then it might be that some of the new TP-LINK routers have their own problems.

    solution: at this time, it is recommended that you restore your new TP-LINK router to the factory settings, then reset the Internet, reset the wireless name and reset the wireless password.

    seven, wireless client problems if your mobile phone, notebook computer, when connected to a wireless network, the search results of a wireless signal in the list are not; in this case, it is probable that a mobile phone, notebook computer has its own problems.

    solution: if you have a problem with your mobile phone and Wireless Terminal 4Ge Catv Gpon Ont Huawei Hg8247H, please contact the after-sales service network at this time, test and repair the equipment.

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