melted in water
  • Acrylate: pure liquid, open the lid that is used. Water, can be melted in water, it is easy to combine with the ground cracks, forming a solid waterproof layer, waterproof better than flexible mortar, the thickness of 2mm above. After brushing need to brushed or sand surface treatment, to increase the friction, easy to tile. Due to its good waterproofing properties, flexibleWpc Pergola in Kit mortars and acrylates are more suitable for use in long-term immersion environments and dry slower in cold climates. 4. One-component polyurethane: indoor and outdoor use, brushing thick, about 2 mm, and the elastic tension in more than 300%, cracking of any substrate will not make it cracking, the best waterproofing effect.

    Although the safety performance control in the list of environmental requirements, but the smell of this waterproof coating larger, most people unacceptable, and individual brands of non-compliance of environmental performance. Polyurethane is how to install laminate against exterior threshold Trinidad and Tobago gelatinous, very thick, the need to use scraper construction, it is laborious, more complicated. Finish the paint after brushing needs surface treatment, razor or sand to increase friction, easy to tiling, in the damp climate conditions, the drying speed is relatively slow.

    The drying rates of these four coatings are affected by the weather and dry more slowly in cold climates, but the climate has no effect on the waterproofing effect. In general, mortar drying cycle earlier, acrylic and polyurethane drying cycle is 24 to 48 hours longer. "One-component", "two-component" difference: mortar are two-component polymer, which is made from the emulsion and mortar ratio; acrylate and polyurethane without mortar ratio, is a single component. Brush the wooden flower bed edging grassroots before handling. Water-based paint brushing and ground grassroots conditions have a great relationship, the more grass-roots level, the more paint used.

    Therefore, before brushing water-proof coating, the best grass-roots simple treatment, as far as possible the grass-roots level processing. Second, should ensure that the ground dust-free, soil-free, oil-free, can take the mop carefully mopping the light weight composite 4ft x 8ft 1/2 in board floor to remove all the dust, otherwise it will cause cracking of waterproof paint peeling, affecting the waterproof effect.

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