Yongsheng WPC has a wide variety of board styles
  • card is divided into eight colors, namely YSC-001, YSC-002, YSC-003, YSC- 004, YSC- 006, YSC- 007, YSC- 008, YSC- 009 -1), rich color available for buyers to choose. WPC Yongsheng WPC surface treatment methods also have a variety of ways, with fine teeth, teeth, coarse teeth, smooth, bark pattern, tree heart pattern six (as shown in Figure 1-2 ),insulation with wood backing dog Among which the most liked by customers is the tree heart pattern, which highly reduces the texture of trees and makes the wood-plastic sheet look more natural

    and beautiful. Yongsheng WPC has a wide variety of board styles, different boards can be used on different floors, some suitable for flooring, some suitable for wall panels, some suitable for barrier, some suitable for Do floor fencing, and some are suitable for keel and column. 8 ft high garden fence panelsMore worth mentioning is Yongsheng WPC's new products, DIY floor (as shown in Figure 1-3, 1-4 below), 30 * 30 square floor and long block, its easy installation, beautiful and durable, more Can be assembled by yourself, with the rapid pace of

    modern society, more convenient life trends, such flooring will be the future development of the mainstream flooring products. In addition, Yongsheng WPC also provides outdoor special wood leisure chairs, WPC bins, wood-plastic landscape pieces, WPC boxes and tree ponds, etc., please call, Tel: 0575-82001678 This article by Shaoxing Yongsheng WPC New Material Co., synthetic poontoon decksLtd. original release, please do not reprint, thank you WPC production line, is a twin-screw extruder, vacuum setting Taiwan, traction machines, cutting

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