use wood plastic materials to replace
  • small, the long-term by gravity parts will be slightly deformed, so in the installation process, the distance between the keel and the keel can not be greater than 300mm. 6. Q: Is it wear-resistant? A: High abrasion resistance, 0.15g / 1000 revolution (ASTM D2394). 7. Q: Will it fade? diy garden fencing doorA: Each kind of colored materials will have more or less faded, wood-plastic profiles are no exception, but Shaoxing Yongsheng new material wood-plastic profiles is relatively stable, there will be some fading at the beginning, after the meeting will be

    Gradually stabilized, no longer fade. This content is published by Shaoxing Yongsheng . For reprint please specify Wood-plastic is a new type of composite material, which is made by mixing wood flour,cheapest gazebos for sale plastic and other chemicals with each other. It is formed by extrusion, grinding and embossing to look like a wood board. It is shaped like wood but better than wood Some of the properties of wood make it replace some of the outdoor buildings and products, such as outdoor flooring, outdoor benches, outdoor trash and so on. It is

    very suitable for outdoor wood-plastic flower box, the appearance of wood-like, environmentally friendly recyclable, waterproof cracking, cheap garden fencing uk onlydurable. Even though WPC profiles have a lot more advantages, most are still unfamiliar with the word WPC because they are new materials, and many outdoor products now use virgin natural wood. Today, Shaoxing Yongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. on Zhejiang's WPC development made a summary. First of all, Zhejiang is a highly economically developed province and a province

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