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  • apparently weak, but the market just needed to exist as before, individual ability is planted still can have wave motion, suggest businessman discretion is operated. [url=]flower bed at end if composite deck stairs[/url] Import respect of market of needle leaf lumber, this week market performance is relatively smooth, among them sales volume of big southwest Bai Songzhou increases Sichuan 5.07% , camphor tree child loose week sales volume is cut 1.07% , go up in price respect

    drop each other shows, [url=]high vinyl fence in korea[/url] bai Songcheng meets this week all valence is 1440 yuan / stere, camphor tree child loose 1510 yuan / stere, smooth. 3, index of sawn timber classification draws small positive line The fall after a rise in classics count week dish after rectifying, regain of this index of week sawn timber is greeted long-unseen red dish, the newspaper closes 1103.12 a little bit,[url=]outdoor composite wood structural beams[/url] go up 0.47% . Each are big among the

    market, index of piscine bead sawn timber drops 0.45% ; Index of index of blessing person sawn timber, big southwest sawn timber rises respectively 0.01% , 2.41% .[url=]composite roof shingles gazebo[/url] Look on main area, strong off-season sentiment has begun it seems that somewhat abate, rate of downstream plant go into operation improves gradually, sawn timber spot market clinchs a deal the quantity was received relatively magnify last week of 2.85% not

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