Fire protection and insulation field of electric furnace
  • The company specializing in the production of ceramic fiber cotton, blanket, carpet, cloth, plate, belt, rope and other series; aluminum silicate fiber; cement rotary kiln insulation board; all kinds of heat treatment furnace fiber insulation; tunnel kiln flat ceiling construction; industrial furnace full fiber insulation castable; high temperature glue; lightweight refractory ceramic fiber insulation materials; the folding module block; ceramic fiber tube shell, sprue and other special-shaped vacuum products; mold plate, retaining plate group; 304, 310 kinds of anchor; conventional and special module, folding block; lining design; fire protection; material technical guidance; lining materials; wool; asbestos; glass fiber; slag wool; release paper. Our company undertake various kinds of high temperature equipment product customization, thermal insulation technical consultation guidance, construction and transformation project.

    Ceramic fiber block product description:

    In order to accelerate and simplify the construction of furnace and improve the integrity of lining, a new refractory lining product instead of traditional heavy refractories has been promoted, and the progress of masonry technology has been promoted.

    Anchor: fibre block special anchor fiber at the block surface, its structure depends on the thermal insulation material, furnace atmosphere, fiber combination block structure and insulation parts. The structure forms include special module angle type anchors, diamond anchor, empty hanging anchor, butterfly anchor, corner anchor; folding block with Y-shaped frame anchor; U nail, fast rotating cards, cards, through wire, screw nut, V nail etc.. Material physical indicators: 1, 1Cr18Ni9Ti 2, 0Cr18Ni9Ti 3, Cr25Ni20

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