Incense burner mountain

  • Xiangluo Mountain is located in Kaili City, Guizhou Province, 15 kilometers west, surrounded by cliffs cliffs, shaped like incense burner, hence the name. Only a trail hovered above 1244.8 meters above sea level, a radius of 15 kilometers, surrounded by mountains, if the sword Ji sting, the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Miao people uprising are based on this.
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    Incense burner Hill, Miao called BOB-BIUIEL (Bowen correction), meaning the main pillar Hill, located in Kaili City, 13 km west of the mountain, as the "Qiannan" slightly: I, the mountains around the column, if Ge collaborate. Peak 1233.8 meters above sea level, the lowest foot 629 meters above sea level, a radius of 13 km, Weiran stand, cloud-filled, such as Qingtian big column. According to legend, the ancestor of the Miao "pillars of the sky," said the seventh gold and silver jade column.
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    The original total of nine floors, straight top Nantianmen. Has become the channel of heaven and earth. Legend of the king's seventh daughter Ah Bishan hill to the Mid-levels possession and Miao youth A love you married, every night at the hillside gathering. Every morning when the rooster called three times, Abi are on time to return to heaven to worship the early dynasty. Soon, Abi got pregnant. One night, Abi gave birth to a daughter in the censer hill A little color. Just the moment of young parents and parents happy moment, rooster called the second time. Abe helpless, had to fly to heaven. Due to impatience, stepped down six layers of jade. Since then, incense burner Hill only three now.
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