attention - with the concept
  • 'zero formaldehyde floor' and other advertising language to attract consumers, but the fact Are these wooden floors really so environmentally friendly? Please pay attention - with the concept of low-carbon environmental protection, home building materials market set off a small 'green' in the wood flooring industry, 'green wood flooring' has

    become a fashion and the trend. Recently, the author randomly visited some of Beijing's large-scale home improvement building materials market, found in the wood floor area, the basic brand of each have played a 'green' 'formaldehyde content of less than 1.0mg / L' 'combination of environmental protection process' 'zero formaldehyde

    floor' And other advertising language. However, these advertised their own 'low formaldehyde' 'zero formaldehyde' wooden floor really so environmentally friendly? What should consumers pay attention to when choosing a wooden floor? Green wood flooring to become home improvement keywords. In the home building materials market

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