non-wood areas
  • the operation of wood products. Eliminate the rough processing, control the low processing, to encourage the development of long production chain, high technology content, high value-added products, high-end products deep processing. From January 1, 2011 onwards, the new wood on the processing of processing projects, the right

    of examination and approval in the State People 's Government, the annual trial in the State Forestry Bureau. Prohibited not approved first built, not approved first change, undocumented construction. Encourage and support the development of wood processing enterprises to non-wood areas. Clean up the rectification of the wood

    processing enterprises, the relevant departments will guide them to non-wood areas of development, from processing to business-oriented change, for them to open up green channel, build conversion platform to create conditions for conversion. At the same time, to encourage the strength of enterprises through acquisitions, mergers and

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