spending power changes
  • found that consumers are more and more difficult to pay the wallet. The root cause is that enterprises can not adapt to consumer spending habits and spending power changes, do not pay attention to market segmentation, and limited products to the infinite mass market. The size of take-all, often lead to rich profits and benefits of the

    market can not strengthen, low value-added market can not control. The so-called 'fish and bear's paw, can not have both', in this case, part of the field into the Shanghai enterprises in order to product into the market, or even come up with a 'smart' approach: multi-brand production. That is, several brands of the same plant production, but

    took a different surname (company name or trademark), put on the market after the eventual lead to channel conflict, price conflicts, dealers miserable. Point two: heavy price, not worth the value of competition for the limited market share, some composite floor manufacturers at the expense of 'bleeding' to lure consumers hook. Industry is

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