How to pave the wood floor?
  • The level of workers, the quality of selection, climate and weather changes, these are able to affect the final decoration effect is good or bad conditions! Choose to do homemade work in the summer,[url=]hot sell! wpc fencing panels[/url] both with other seasons have some similarities, but also hidden many have to pay special attention to the seasonal professional issues. Summer is volatile and climate change is complex and varied.

    For home furnishings, the most difficult thing is to lay the floor! Due to the occasional wet and hot and cold shrinkage phenomenon, the summer is not the best time to pave the floor. If you need to pave the floor in the summer,[url=]plastic lumberwood composite flooring[/url] be sure to avoid the temperature is too high and wet and rainy days, to prevent the expansion of the floor plate due to the impact of the final laying effect. In addition, the new purchase of the floor must first dry two days and then laying.

    Solid wood flooring in the transport process will absorb a lot of moisture, we must ensure that all the moisture scattered, and can begin to prepare for pavement work. Floor pavement in progress, the ground moisture content must be less than 10% can. When the floor to the first floor of the renovation of the residual, cement slag, dust and other clean. Only to ensure that the bottom of the smooth and clean,[url=]4mm interlock click lvt pvc vinyl floor covering[/url] post-covered floor will be flat and high degree of fit.

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