cut off on the supply
  • the energy-saving emission reduction caused by direct power cut off, will have a significant impact on short-term supply of steel. It is understood that the power before the cut, the rate of production of iron and steel enterprises is not obvious, so the impact of power cut off on the supply will start from the beginning of September a one-time

    show. Although we are still unable to get the total production capacity of the production limit, but since the end of 2009, the total production capacity of steel in Wu'an area has been around 20 million tons, so a rough estimate of 1 month limit production limit of total output of 2 million Ton or so. Plus Shanxi and other provinces and

    autonomous regions of the impact of energy-saving emission reduction requirements, the country is expected to affect the level of production may be about 500 million tons, close to the current average monthly production of 10%. Limited production costs and the arrival of the peak season, steel prices rose almost inevitable in the first half

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