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  • 1. Two-winged beans: advantages: beautiful pattern, the pattern is like a dragon body tail, dragon and phoenix phase play, color red, meaning dragon and phoenix Chengxiang, color festivity,[url=http://wpcdeck.ml/deck/200.html]où acheter des moules de cheminée aux Philippines[/url] it is very suitable for Chinese classical style decoration.

    2: solid wood flooring: the rotation of high-quality logs dry, wood fiber criss-cross into a network-type stacking combination, the 8-10 layer of coated thin solid wood core board orderly criss-cross layered, together,[url=http://wpcdeck.ml/plancher-durable/91.html]Kits de planchers de riz au jardin[/url] The use of hot pressing equipment to suppress the market divided into multi-layer solid wood flooring and three solid wood composite floor two.

    3 dragon longan also known as gold pear: Advantages: wood with golden luster, no special smell and taste. Texture straight, slightly criss-crossed texture. Structure fine to medium, uniform, weight and strength medium,[url=http://wpcdeck.ml/plancher-durable/1839.html]planteurs hors plateaux[/url] hardness to slightly hard. Paint, good adhesion, easy to crack, corrosion and insect resistance. Some of the longan solid wood flooring for the reddish-brown, clear texture, it is very suitable for Chinese-style home.

    4. Round beans: advantages: the color is relatively deep, the density is relatively heavy, with a classic beauty, very popular with the Chinese people; high stability, can be a good resistance to temperature difference. At the same time, the density is relatively strong,[url=http://wpcdeck.ml/plancher-durable/3880.html]Matériau en pergola composite en plastique en bois[/url] slightly hit the basic little no pit, anti-hit ability and wear resistance is very strong.

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