Solid wood flooring maintenance coup
  • Some people think that as long as the winter to increase indoor and outdoor air circulation, you can reduce the indoor temperature on the floor. In fact,[url=]prefabricated wood for garden floor[/url] the wood is the basic composition of the floor raw materials, changes in temperature and humidity may cause the expansion or contraction of the phenomenon of wood, this feature makes the use of wood in the process of deformation or other phenomena. So, the real reason for the cracks in the floor is humidity,[url=]build wood lattice screens[/url] not just the temperature.

    Experts recommend that the ideal indoor humidity should be controlled between 40% to 80%, the temperature is maintained at 18 �� to 24 ��. So the appropriate temperature and humidity environment is also very beneficial to the human body. In the northern dry season, the use of humidifiers or regular window ventilation,[url=]12x12 pergola home depot[/url] placed green plants, etc. can increase the indoor relative humidity. The southern region should pay attention to ensure the appropriate indoor humidity. In addition, some heating areas should also be taken for indoor humidification measures to prevent the excessive loss of wood moisture.

    Floor maintenance is also targeted. Solid wood flooring like the temperature below 27 ��, humidity in the 40% to 80% of the environment. In the case of winter heating,[url=]Composite Porch flooring System[/url] the floor will shrink due to water loss, splicing gap increases, then, to give solid wood flooring "mask" - hit solid wax, it is recommended to wax twice a year.

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