the most important in process of Solid floor installation

  • A lot of consumer havspecial liking to real wood floor, but the case that common real wood floor may get an environment to affect generation warp, craze, especially northward consumer,

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    all sorts of quality issues that often are used at the ground to warm real wood floor of the system arises easily because of concern, and the choice abandons using comfortable, environmental protection, energy-saving land warm system. So, is real wood floor used what to still have cannot insensible error?

    Error 1: Choosfloor board only, take no account oservice

    The ground warms with real wood the floor serves akind of durable consumer goods, consumer besides consideration product itself, still need to consider to spread outfit, and later period is safeguarded guarantee wait foproblem.

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    Warm especially with real wood floor, arrive from select material craft, technology, installation, safeguard, each link asks taller, proposal consumer preference is so professional enterprise, so that can provide perfect service.

    Error 2: All real wood floors can be used at ground warm environment

    Ground warm environment because its characteristic, have relatively firm demand to use product, be not all real wood floors to all apply to ground warm happy event to use, like partial stability maniple poorer tree is planted not applicable, consumer should according to choose and buy of individual demand discretion, the proposal guides to shop buy do specific seek advice.

    Error 3: Beyond the mark captious chromatism, pursuit grain is consistent

    Real wood floor is natural wood, tree nods different, in relief illumination to shoot different, temperature and humidity to differ aresult of cultivated land etc, its colour and lustre is different, in addition even if the plank that same lumber curiums analyse comes down, because curium the position of analyse differs,also meet, color depth is different (alburnum color deep) of color of shallow, duramen, lumber grain is different, bring about real wood floor going up objectively the phenomenon with meeting existence chromatism and uneven decorative pattern. At the same time national level does not make any demands to the chromatism of real wood floor, when choosinfloor board accordingly,

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    need not make excessive demands overly the accord of color and grain, when the shop is installed the attention adjusts collocation, natural and excessive chromatism can achieve perfect, natural result.

    Error 4: Buy again only, do not weigh laid

    Spreading outfit link is the main factor that affects floor quality, if good product is spread outfit is inappropriate also can give an issue, becauslot of consumer lack professional knowledge, pay attention to the quality of the dot,

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    color only when the choose and buy. The price. Ignored the value that the shop holds, often caused what after using, brinvariety of trouble, because this pays attention to the installation system of this brand and after service even when the choose and buy, the system can be worth to trust with professional brand soundly.

    Error 5: Sale square as square as laid both break up

    Sale square as square as laid both break up. If sell square as square as laid not be same unit, once the floor appears when the problem, bilateral and mutual shuffle. Because this is sold,just just had better be with laid.

    Error 6: See the value only, do not see value

    The ground warms with real wood the floor manufactures technology normally control is strict, shop outfit demand is higher, total cost is relative taller. When consumer choose and buy, proposal consideration ground is warm the integrated value that uses real wood floor board, and do the price not simply to contrast with floor of common fact wood.

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