New Solution of Maintenance Method of Solid Wood Flooring
  • Keep the floor dry: should try to avoid the floor and water for a long time,[url=]anti-slip wood plastic composite decking[/url] in particular, can not be in contact with hot water, to pay special attention to prevent hot water pipes in the hot water leak to the floor, in the event of timely mop dry, and then rub again and again.

    Cleaning the floor: When cleaning the parquet, use a semi-moist cotton cloth and do not use a wet mop. If you accidentally stained,[url=]laminate flooring supplier in qatar[/url] such as grease can be wiped with warm cloth and then dip a small amount of detergent scrub, remember not to use alkaline or soapy water to rub a large area of wood composite flooring, this will break the surface of the paint luster.

    Often to the floor wax is a good way to keep the floor luster, waxing must be wiped clean before the stains. The Velon solid wood flooring is all solid wood products, it does not need waxing, only in daily use, pay attention to avoid sharp objects damage the floor surface and avoid contact with the burning material can be.

    To prevent the floor exposure: to minimize the solid wood flooring in the sun exposure, which is due to solid wood composite wood flooring paint in the long-term outside the radiation will appear early aging,[url=]shower panelling instead of tiles[/url] cracking phenomenon.

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