Cork flooring expensive to enjoy
  • The raw material of the cork is the bark of the oak growing on the Mediterranean coast. People are most familiar with the cork products is the wine bottle cork, badminton head and so on. Its main features are light weight, buoyancy, flexible, flexible, non-permeable, moisture-proof, poor conductivity, heat insulation, strong insulation, friction, non-flammable, delay interlocking deck board price Australia the fire spread, will not lead to allergies reaction.

    Another big use of softwood is the production of flooring. With cork processed into the floor, to meet people on the floor warm, soft, harmless, low noise requirements, especially softwood flooring weatherproof plywood panels sound insulation function is more prominent.

    Insiders said that cork flooring with environmental protection, moisture, wear, good flame retardant, not afraid of moth and foot comfort and other advantages, the glass fell to the cork flooring will not break. Bamboo flooring Dongnuanxialiang, moisture-proof bamboo flooring is made of bamboo after the floor, both rich natural natural beauty of pictures of wooden benches with back rest the material, but also the advantages of wear and durable, and moth, earthquake.

    Bamboo flooring Dongnuanxialiang, moisture-proof wear, easy to use, in particular, can reduce the use of wood, play a role in protecting the environment. However, due to geographical location, climate and other reasons, bamboo flooring in the northern building materials market less seen, consumers rarely choose such floor. Five kinds of floor, have their own strengths, choose which, I believe your own point of view. But the industry predicts that solid wood flooring is becoming the development flat decking plank Italy trend of home improvement flooring.

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