green plank produces
  • names for " Chinese green plank produces base " ; Be awarded by province government " area of assemble of industry of characteristic of treatment of Jiangsu province lumber " and " the province is produced learn to grind the industry innovates in coordination base " .[url=]commercial tongue groove vinyl flooring[/url] 10, Du Qu of the county that face Ying is contemporary household industry garden Garden of contemporary household industry is located in Du

    Qu of the county that face Ying Du Qu presses down the county that face Ying, beijing comes east wide Gao Tie, new benefit main street reachs on the west, [url=]wood cladding exterior pre finished[/url] south press down Zhou Zhuang, north to come to Du Qu Yellow River road, program area 9.9 square kilometer. Industry of garden area dominant is made for furniture and material of real wood furniture, end at present, already entered be stationed in

    substance of of all kinds economy many 1000, dimensions above enterprise 52, among them furniture creates a company 30, was judged to be Chinese real wood [url=]diy fence cheap kotka[/url] to live in group of 10 strong lumber of data industry base, China and wood market, China 2015 industry of industry of 10 big timber machines garden. "935 " during, garden of contemporary household industry will make Du Qu provide the Chinese real wood of .[url=]outdoor deck manufacturer[/url]

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