relations are different
  • frequency, the disadvantage is high cost and Low credibility - because consumers are aware that it is paid information, and consumers are passive acceptance of information, while consumers deeply rooted on the 'Wang Po selling melons, self-selling boast' type of distrust. Advertising credibility is getting lower and lower, the spread

    of the effect is getting weaker, one to the advertising time for Taiwan, is already a general attitude towards people advertising. While public relations are different. Because it is through a third party - the media in the form of news reports to publish information, with a certain degree of reliability and objectivity. The vast majority of those who

    do not understand their own way, the soft paper as a news to read, so that we have to spread the information will be able to reach the target consumers smoothly, and naturally accepted it. To achieve a spring rain, moisten things silently spread the effect, particularly strong penetration. From the cost of investment point of view, the cost is

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