How to buy high quality flooring
  • Floor selection attention to see the color experts said that the floor in the interior occupies a very important position, the color of the floor can best reflect the owner of the decoration style and contrast slippery composite outdoor deck steps atmosphere, so be sure to follow the style of decoration design floor color. Wood color to bring people close to the natural warm feeling; white delicate euphemism reflect the clean and tidy; dark floor with classical furniture gives a rustic, nostalgic feeling. In short, the color of the floor with the overall style of home coordination.

    In the case of their daily handling of complaints, there is a part of the dispute because of composite boat flooring material the color picking food caused by the return of the dispute. Pay attention to the detection of moisture content of the solid wood flooring is not the most important indicators of deformation, and not the lower the better. Buy solid wood flooring can be requested by the customer on the spot measuring the water content. Moisture content is an important indicator of deformation of solid wood flooring.

    According to the provisions of the state, moisture content of 8% -12% for qualified, according to climate detection and found that Shanghai's air moisture vinyl flooring australia content of about 15% -16%, Nanjing and Shanghai, almost the same. Each place has a different standard, the average water content of 11% -12% is appropriate. Water content is too high, after the completion of the laying of wood flooring will gradually shrink, cracking; water content is too low will make the wood floor from the air to absorb moisture caused by expansion and warping.

    This is why many families in the floor after installation for some time will appear Alice of the important reasons. Therefore, the moisture content of the purchased wood flooring must be consistent with the local average moisture content, experts advise consumers to buy the floor must be out of the box, with a moisture meter to detect the purchase of wood flooring Termite Proof Board in Trellis moisture content, or in the purchase Before the business and the business must clearly determine the local moisture content.

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