friction coefficient
  • advantages, has gradually become the mainstream of domestic and international market trends. Three-layer solid wood flooring As a result of natural wood for the panel, solid wood for the core layer and solid wood veneer for the floor from the processing of the floor, representing the highest technology of wood flooring, so it has the

    excellent characteristics and advantages of wood. Three-story solid wood composite floor layer with beautiful natural texture, delicate structure, rich in change, beautiful color. And with the appropriate flexibility, moderate friction coefficient, easy to use. As the wood is a renewable natural materials, three-tier parquet can be used after the

    old planing, paint again after the paint refurbished use. Three-layer parquet is usually larger in size and can be mounted without a keel, so that the installation is quicker. Greatly reducing the installation costs and installation time, but also to avoid the use of keel defects caused by product quality accidents. As the floor layer and more

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