Stainless steel polishing light tube manufacturer
  • Price performance: full year stainless steel seamless spot performance in the short term or high and volatile.factory price stainlesss steel sheet The first half of this year, prices are stainless steel seamless tube price trend of the main theme, compared to the performance of the spot market in August, the spot price in August is still above the main behavior, full interpretation of the off-season is not light market conditions. In contrast, starting in September, stainless steel seamless pipe market price is based on the main weakness.DX51D Z100 0.4mm Thickness 26 Gauge Galvanized Steel Sheet Coil In addition, from the raw material point of view, the recent billet price performance is relatively weak, mainly in Hebei region billets rolled steel mills shut down and 50% of environmental protection, resulting in aggregate accumulation of billet, billet prices are expected in the short term or will run weakly. But short-term stainless steel seamless pipe prices are not likely to fall, mainly due to the one hand, 304 stainless steel seamless pipe inventory continued to decline, while the steel stocks are also at a low level, and resource specifications incomplete.301 2B High Quality Stainless Steel Strip On the other hand, the current majority of merchants upside down shipments, steel factory arrival costs are high, is expected to short-term stainless steel seamless pipe there is no possibility of deep down.������ܧ�ܧѧ�֧��ӧ֧ߧߧѧ� �ߧ֧�اѧӧ֧��ѧ� ���ѧݧ� ASTM tp409

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