types of flooring
  • Comparison of various types of flooring characteristics Project multi - storey solid wood flooring solid wood three - floor solid wood flooring laminate flooring Good wear resistance is better composite front porch tongue and groove decking and better Stability is not easy to warp deformation is relatively easy to warp deformation easy to warp deformation is not easy to warp deformation Anti-cracking is not cracking No cracking is relatively easy to crack without cracking

    Resource saving and composite decking vs cedar efficient use of resources to make effective use of resources to waste resources and make efficient use of resources Surface pattern rich and colorful, there are large color colorful, there are large color colorful

    there is a large color color rich, basically no color Re-polish can be (thick leather series) can be Years of use 10 years 15 years years 10 - 20 years Cost-effective solid wood flooring feel, the price is usually wood flooring 55% -70% solid wood flooring experience, the price of more layers of solid wood flooring expensive price isadvantage of 3d wall panel Singapore more affordable, to adapt to different consumer groups

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