Wear-resistant flooring
  • Wear-resistant flooring appears white crystal reasons The main component of concrete is calcium silicate (weak acid and alkali), water hydration reaction occurred after the formation of free calcium, silicic best place to buy composite decks wholesale Cambridge acid and hydroxide. The loose porous structure of the concrete determines the concrete has a certain moisture content.

    When the water in the wear-resistant floor is enough, under the action of capillary pressure, the water can rise Plastic Plank Manufacturers up about 10cm along the pores. At this time, the salt in the concrete is washed out of the concrete surface by water, and the hydrogenation in the concrete Calcium, sodium, potassium and other substances will be used as a carrier of water dissolution.

    After reaching the surface of the wear-resistant floor, as the water evaporates, these substances remain on the concrete surface to form white powder crystals, or react with carbon dioxide polyester resin for outdoor deck seal Thailand in the air to form a white lump on the concrete surface. Wear-resistant flooring pan-base is the formation of this.

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