Teacher withdraws hukou application after outcry
  • Teacher withdraws hukou application after outcry

    A teacher at local school has withdrawn her application for teacher in shnaghai hukou, or permanent residence certificate, after the public questioned her qualification as she had allegedly attacked a doctor, Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced on Friday.

    Miao Xian, the teacher, has had her named displayed publicly since October 24 by the bureau in a list of people seeking to have their temporary residence permits turned into permanent residence certificates.

    But some web users pointed out that Miao had attacked a doctor at the International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital of China in the city on September 26 last year, breaking the doctor’s nose and causing her urinary incontinence, and thus was morally unqualified to be granted hukou.

    Other online users, including the TV series writer “Liu Liu,” said Miao should not be granted the hukou even if she was good at teaching.

    According to the policy for granting hukou, applicants should not only meet requirements of time spent working and contributions to social security account, tax paying and middle or higher vocational qualifications, applicants should also have no records of violations against the law and family planning policy, or any incidences of bad behavior.

    According to earlier reports, Miao paid compensation to the doctor and her school also apologized for her behavior, but she was not officially punished for the attack.

    The bureau said on Tuesday that it had received opinions from the public and would review her application.

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