On the floor maintenance tips
  • The floor every day by stepping on numerous times, but it is easy to be ignored, usually more than just rub a rub it, in fact, if the note of some small details, can be more effective to increase the [url=http://beautyhealthy.org/best/4073.html]Patio Price Australia[/url] life of the floor. Here are five points to protect the floor, making your floor more durable. In the case of 1, all kinds of flooring need regular dust Usually with a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, often trampled place more diligent in the dust. Special attention should be paid to the entrance hall and the walkway leading to the outside.

    In addition, in order to prevent dust from entering the house, you can [url=http://beautyhealthy.org/best/4072.html]deck cost 12x24[/url] place a dust mat at the entrance, or install a dustproof strip at the bottom of the door. dry than wet good Use the mop to clean the floor, the mop dry and then use a better, too wet mop, when used in the water will penetrate the seams, damage to the floor

    causing the floor of the tilt deformation, especially wood flooring, plastic flooring, cork Brick.

    carefully selected appropriate skin care products Choose [url=http://beautyhealthy.org/best/4071.html]front doors for sale Georgia[/url] water-soluble wax suitable for the floor, only use a wax product at a time, if the use of different wax products will be mixed with each other, so that the floor sticky dirty. 4, the amount of wax to be appropriate If the coat is too thick dust will be more easily stick to the floor, more difficult to polish the floor. 5, move to be careful To move the furniture, it is recommended to use the lift way, to avoid drag, so as not to [url=http://jldecks.com/]Best Diy Decking Products Export[/url] scratch the floor; to further protect your floor, the bottom of the furniture can be installed cloth or gasket.

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